Fourpin is an audio and music production company based in London. Established as a collective, our mission is to create collaborations between sound artists and music producers for bespoke content.


The team operates as a professional network of creatives, all sharing the same goal; to deliver the highest quality audio for post-production with a fast turnaround.


Each individual specialises in specific fields of audio engineering and composition, this ensures our output is cutting edge whilst being fully compliant with industry specifications.


Through our ever expanding network, we are connecting top-end recording facilities with leading composers and contemporary electronic producers and engineers. Our creative output is slick, inventive and recognisable.


In our productive short history we have worked closely with award winning corporate marketing agencies on a number of highly successful creative projects. Our work has helped to rebrand and enhance the aesthetic of numerous organisations – Vodafone, National Trust, SAP, The Cloud – to name just a few.

Join us?


If you’ve got creative skills in music and sound production then please get in touch. We’re always looking for new opportunities to expand our network.


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